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Job vacancies at IsDB - Islamic Development Bank

The Islamic Development Bank is a multilateral development finance institution that is focused on Islamic finance for infrastructure development and located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. There are 57 shareholding member states with the largest single shareholder being Saudi Arabia. 

The Islamic Development Bank believes that improving human dignity is at the heart of any development. We therefore seek the opportunity to employ the best and most talented individuals to work across different sectors of our activities to ensure that we deliver the most effective service in our member and non-member countries.

What We Do

At the Islamic Development Bank, we give individuals the resources they need to create a sustainable future for themselves, their families, and their nations by putting the framework in place that will allow them to realise their full potential.

Across our 57 member nations, we create cooperative connections between communities and nations. Through PPPs and other collaborative projects like the IsDB/Gates Foundation Lives and Livelihoods Fund, we bring together the public and private sectors as well as civil society and the development sector.

We support our project investments with long-term sustainable and moral financing arrangements since we are world experts in Islamic finance. The IsDB has achieved a AAA rating in the past two decades and has grown to be the largest. 

We are global leaders in Islamic finance, providing long term sustainable and ethical financing structures to underpin our project investments. In the last two decades, the IsDB has secured an AAA rating, and become the largest global issuer of Sukuk, through which we fund research and training to develop the future of Islamic banking and finance. We have successfully deepened and broadened our investor base and enhanced our profile in the international capital markets.

We foster innovative and sustainable solutions to the world’s greatest development challenges, as we work towards UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We boost the value chain of developing economies by investing in training and skills, research and development, so they can generate and retain greater economic prosperity at home, instead of exporting that value abroad.

Life in Jeddah

Jeddah is the most happening city in Saudi Arabia. It has a world heritage Red Sea architecture, a diverse landscape from desserts to the coastlines, a central hub for high fashion brands and the historical plaza in the city’s downtown. With having one of the highest population of expats in the kingdom, it is a true cultural melting pot of the nation with having something for everyone to do.