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Job vacancies at ALIMA - Alliance for International Medical Action

The story of ALIMA begins in 2009 in Niger. While the entire medical profession is observing an alarming peak in acute malnutrition and the infant mortality rate is increasing, structures for treating malnutrition are becoming increasingly rare.               

Many international NGOs were expelled from the territory the previous year. Local NGOs are then the only ones able to act, but they severely lack the means... It is from this observation that the idea was born of creating a new model of emergency humanitarian aid organization: an alliance that would link between local health personnel, national NGOs and international research institutes. The objective is to bring together humanitarian practitioners in the field.

ALIMA was born.

Since the beginning of this adventure, thanks to this unique alliance, ALIMA has treated more than 10 million people across 14 countries around the world, mainly in Africa.

Its expertise: emergency responses, maternal and child health, malnutrition, epidemics and emerging diseases, training of caregivers.